The Trapline, The Walrus, October 2010
On the Beaver Trail, Wataway News, March 2010
O mother where art thou? Precedent magazine, Winter 2009
Turkish Dam Loses European Creditors, The New York Times, 7 August 2009
Vice, Vagabonds & VD, The Walrus, Summer 2008

The Archives: Snapshots from the city’s most memorable weddings, Toronto Life, Wedding Guide 2010
Tripping on the Trans Can, The Walrus, Summer 2008
As a writer for the CBC.ca’s history website, I selected, edited and contextualized clips to produce stories on classic TV & radio shows like Our Native Land, Tabloid, and Wonderstruck.

On the Block: St Clair West, Toronto Life, September 2010 

Turkey’s Unstoppable Dam, New Internationalist, February, 2010
Bats surpassing birds as ecological concern
, North American Windpower, January 2009
Biowaste Composting in Canada, Waste Management World, January 2008
Move over windpower, here come the tornadoes, environmentalresearchweb, 30 October 2007
Leaders of the Pack: Second generation biofuel pioneers, Renewable Energy World, September 2007

Toronto Glamour, The Hazelton Hotel, The Traveler, Spring 2010
Toronto’s Bayview Strip: Julia Grieve shops her block, The Traveler, April 2010
Elemental Sounds, Pure Canada, June 2009
Yours to Discover, Precedent, Summer 2009
Travel Insurance can help ease the pain, Toronto Star, 31 January 2009
48 Hours Marrakech, Sunday Mercury, April 2007

Rocky Dobey: Toronto’s First Street Artist, Poor But Sexy, Vol II, April 2010
Profiles in Rebellion: Guerrilla Gardeners Toronto, Poor But Sexy, Vol II, April 2010
Dancing the Night Away: DJ Lisa Ng, Toronto Life Wedding Guide, 2010
Planning the Big Day: Melissa Haggerty, Toronto Life Wedding Guide, 2010
Community Fixture: Bruce Morrison, [PDF] Review, Spring/Summer 2010
Dr Amitabh Gupta: Putting Patients First
, [PDF] Amoi, Spring 2009
Elizabeth May
, [PDF] Amoi, December 2008

BlogTO, “Toronto through the eyes of”  weekly column on:
Jan Wong / Steve Munro / Anna Willats / Ian Clarke / Adam Vaughan
Priscila Uppal / Peter C. Newman / Paul Ngyuen

Bringing Sexy Back & Is the pill sabatoging your sex life?, Glow, November 2010

Eight Career Limiting Moves,Precedent, Winter 2010
On the Jobs, [PDF] Review, Fall 2009
Student Supplement: Moving on Up, Precedent, Fall 2009
Gettin’ Busy, Precedent, Spring 2009

Super Storage, Holmes magazine, Sept/Oct 2010
Getting Into Hot Water, Holmes magazine, Sept/Oct 2010

Grammy’s 2009: Best Dressed, msn.ca/fashionism, February 2009
Grammy’s 2009: Worst Dressed, msn.ca/fashionism, February 2009

msn.ca Fashion Galleries Spring/Winter 2009, Photo editing & commentary:
Maternity Trends / One Piece Bathing Suits / Playful Platforms / Big Sunnies / Super-sized Handbags

A shot too far: test tubes of booze are ten times stronger than alcopops at pocket money prices, Sunday Mercury, 25 February 2007
Behind the Happy, Clappy Jesus Army, Sunday Mercury, 4 March 2007


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