Hi. I’m Crystal Luxmore, a beer, travel and culture writer, and editor in Toronto.  My work has appeared in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, and the Birmingham Post & Mail newspapers, enRoute, Chatelaine, Beer Advocate, The Walrus, Reader’s Digest, ELLE and Toronto Life magazines, and on the New York Times, CBC.ca and msn.ca websites. I’m the beer columnistfor Toronto’s weekly magazine, The Grid and I write the Lazy Mixologist, a cocktail recipe column, for Tidings magazine.

In 2012, I became a Certified Beer Sommelier through the Canadian Prud’homme program, so now I lead tastings and workshops around the city. I am one of the co-founders of Brauhaus, a private club dedicated to sharing the best home brews in Ontario with the public, Barleys Angels Toronto, and two Toronto beer clubs.

I regularly homebrew with two of brother-in-laws, Known to ourselves as Original Gravity Brewing, our beers flow “From the mouth of the Don, to yours.”

The only thing I like more than writing about beer is drinking it.

As co-owner of Walk T.O., I develop informative, off-beat walking tours in Toronto. For almost two years, I was a co-host and producer on CIUT 89.5 FM’s morning show, Take 5.

Before embarking on a journalism career, I spent three years on the other side of the phone line, running public relations and communications for an EU-funded research project, proudly titled, The Bioenergy Network of Excellence, based in Birmingham, England.


This blog is dedicated to my Memere – a courageous, loving, single mother who raised three wonderful daughters on a dishwasher’s wage. While the blog was once dedicated to thrift, it’s since morphed to encompass my latest obsession — beer.

Photo credit: the very talented Joan Latchford


22 responses to “About

  1. Jenn

    Hey Sis,

    I LOVE your site!! It is fantastic and very original! I wish I had half of your writing talent, I truly think you are the next Carrie Bradshaw (except married with kids!). Well we are all fine here, we had a snow day so Joe and I staying i all day and napped for 2 hours, hurray! Looking forward to more tips…remember the milk bags!


    Hi Crystal. Hope your birthday weekend is going well.
    I like your ideas and appreciate your “less-is-more” attitude. When you’re home we’ll go to Kensington and Value Village to celebrate your talents with thriftiness.

    (I really wish my phone book wasn’t packed and the server at work wasn’t down. I’d call ya right now, but alas, the phone number is not in my cell phone!)
    Congrats with the bloggy-blog. It’s pretty cool.

  3. Darren James

    Hi Crystal,

    I read an article you recently wrote about the mordern Jesus army in Birmingham.

    I’m curious to know what your personal opinion was after going to the meeting.

    Feel free to email me.

  4. Kally

    Hi working on a project that you might be able to help me with. Can you email me ASAP? thanks – kally

  5. Irene Impellizzeri

    Hi Crystal,

    I am great neice of Wilfred Rochon whose grandmother was Hannah Neveau and grandfather was James Miller. When I googled Hannah I found your article about your trip and meeting the Miller’s ancestors. Could we be related somehow and do you know any more about my Indian heritage. Irene Rochon, sister to Wilfred Rochon, is my grandmother, mother to Joan Howard. Her grandmother was Lorena Rochon. I also am thrifty so I would love to subscribed to your newsletters…and who knows…maybe you and I are related!

    Thank you for your time.


    Irene Impellizzeri

    • James LaVerdure(Rochon)

      Hi Irene, I’m a Rochon researcher from Michigan. If you don’t have your complete Rochon family tree please get back with me at josie56@sbcglobal.net i have about 100,000 Rochon marriages in my data and i would be more than happy to help you with your Rochon family tree, of course at no cost to you, that if you don’t already have it. The only info i need from you would farthest back Rochon that you have plus the spouses last name and first of you have it, thats how my data is set up, i look up the spouses last name.

      James LaVerdure(Rochon)

  6. Dear Irene,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. We are related. Hannah and James were our great, great grandparents. And our great grandmothers were sisters! Lorena Rochon was sister to my great grandmother, Jean Miller (married name was Jean Leach). They grew up on Mattagami Post together.

    I recently discovered more about this part of our family’s history (as you probably read) when I took a trip up there this summer with my grandmothers’ cousin, Gordon Miller.

    I’ll send you an email with my contact details – look forward to getting in touch.

  7. lara cheryl

    Dear friend,

    Your blog is looking pretty good. We would like to have one post in your Blog. I will pay for the post. Can you help regarding this?


  8. Marta

    Hi Crystal,

    Is there a way for me to email you directly?


  9. Tony Villars

    Hi Crystal I am the son of Beulah Leach, daughter of Jean Miller. You said our great grandfather had three daughters, what was the names and married names of the other two sisters? How many sons did James have? You said Leonard Miller is the current chief on the reserve. Allice Luxmore is my Aunt and I went to see her several years back in Keswick with my daughters. Send me an email back. Did you ever find out what years James was the factor for HBC and is it one of the stores in Gogama or on the reserve. So is Mattagami Post part of Gogama.Send me an email when you have a chance. Thanks

  10. Irene Impellizzeri

    You are never going to believe this, but I just read your reply today. I am so thrilled. I never received your email with your contact information. Please feel free to write to me at the above address. I am estatic!

  11. Hi Irene, Better late than never! I don’t see your email address? You can email me directly at crystal.luxmore@gmail.com

    cheers —

  12. Kathy Perreault

    This is very interesting…..yesterday I received a research request for a Beulah Leach. I work in a Resource Centre at the Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre in Timmins. I looked up the name and found this website. Well….I have a lady named Alice, who’s apparently’s Beulah’s (and a Paul Villars) daughter and wants to know more of her family history. I grew up in Gogama and a band member of Mattagami First Nation as well. So I was able to help her somewhat by asking a family member. I”m interested in Tony Villars if he can email me. I’m sure that he can help in this research or anyone else? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kathy

      Sorry that I took so long to reply to this comment. It seems to have gotten lost! I’ll certainly put you in touch with Tony and also with Gordon Miller, he has done a lot of research on the Miller family history and loves to get in touch with long-lost relatives. You can check out his artwork at http://www.gordonmillerart.com/

  13. Jason T.

    Is it wrong that your blog turns me on a little?

  14. Alana Mulhall

    Hello Crystal,

    I can’t believe i found this site! i am also related. My mother is Barbara Rochon, sister to Wilfred Rochon. I would also love to find out more of the history of the Millers and the Neveau’s. I recently e-mailed the community center of Gogama to see if they had any info on James Miller, but they never got back to me. By the way i am seeing uncle Wilfred today, I’ll tell him all about this site.

  15. Jessica Berkeley

    Crystal, your site is amazing!! I am so impressed by all the examples of your writing and where its been. So talented!!

  16. Jonathan Rochon

    Hi Crystal,
    My father is Wilfred Rochon so I am definitely related to you. I remember meeting your Great Grandmother, known to me as Aunt Jean, she was a great lady. I was just goggling my dad’s name and found this site. Great piece on Gogama, I was there, this past summer. It has so changed since I last saw it in the 1980’s.

  17. Carol Bowdidge

    Hi Crystal: I just came upon this site researching my family tree
    My grandmother is Elizabeth Miller Robinson, daughter of James Slater Miller and Hannah Neveau! All the ones who have left comments about the Millers, are all related! I remember my grandmother, talking about the Luxmores! My DNA results have connected to me to so many relatives in the Miller Neveau family!
    Carol Bowdidge

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