Why anyone under 40 should never move to Vancouver

My friend Danica moved out West to go to university — and never came back. Ever since she’s been bugging me to go out there. And finally, because of a work trip, I did!

My only question once she’d toured me around the city in her jeep was, “why did I wait so long?” And then I began to jot down excuses for why I should move there.

I could:

1. Train as a sushi chef
2. Teach at UBC – teach what? who cares? the campus is beautiful.
3. Train as a yoga instructor. Sure, you can do this in Toronto, but it seems so much healthier in that salty sea air.
4. Work for Geist.
5. Make gourmet hot dogs or the best fish & chips ever at Pajos.
6. Run off with a hot fisherman who supplies Pajos (note this is in Richmond, not Van proper).

All very good excuses. But then I made the mistake of going out at night. Blech. Blah. Boring.

Sorry Vancouver, it might be easy as pie to get tickets to your film festival and eat at a hot new restaurant on a Saturday night without reservations (try Bao Bei it is AMAZING), but where da party at?

Your like my parents – warm, welcoming, with ample provisions that I can’t get at home. Fun to visit, but no way I’m moving in.

Bonus: Check out my photo essay on Granville Street’s vintage store signs. Save them! Save them one and all.


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