Canada’s oldest industry gets hip

After three days spent trapping beaver on icy lakes, north of Sudbury, and not one, but two years visiting the North Bay Fur Harvester’s Annual Convention, I think I have a handle on the modern day fur trade here in Canader.  Its peopled by colourful, smart and passionate folk – and it was a treat to write about them for this month’s Walrus magazine.

I collected loads of great sound material and I am working on turning it into a radio documentary for doc north — a film festival focusing on northern Canadian stories.  The festival is new and its organizers said they’d be happy to consider a radio doc — if it is accepted it means another trip to North Bay this April!  You can take the girl out of Terrace Bay, but you can’t take Terrace Bay…

A lot of the research I did ended up on the cutting room floor… but I hope to parlay it into a bigger project one day.


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