Profiles of Rocky Dobey, T.O.’s first street artist, & the Guerrilla Gardeners

As the good folks behind Poor But Sexy work away at Volume III, I thought it time to post links to two of the articles I penned as guest editor and writer on Volume II. (See, that’s me at the launch party for Vol II this April).

The first profiles Guerrilla Gardeners in Toronto.  Though the practice of reviving derelict public spaces with green gardens started in New York City over a decade ago, the Toronto group is still fresh.  Are there better ways to volunteer your time and make a difference than digging cruddy patches of soil on the edges and in-betweens of our city?  Certainly.  In this piece I wanted to find out why two Guerrilla Gardeners, Jayme Turney and Terry Aldebert bother.

For the second I sat down with Toronto’s elusive – and arguably one of its first – street artists.  Rocky Dobey is a talented, fascinating anarchist – read the piece and then hunt for his pieces in Kensington and Parkdale.

Can’t wait to see what PBS photographers and collaborators come up with for Vol III.


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