Heeeeeere’s Danny! King to pen sequel to The Shining

After getting four wisdom teeth removed, I’m off news reading for Take 5 this week, but I did some story writing.  Here’s my favourite from this morning’s cast.

Heeere’s Danny!
Author Stephen King told a Toronto audience last night that it just might be time to pen a sequel to one of his most famous books, The Shining.

The Torontoist reported on the author’s conversation with director David Cronenburg.  King told the director that he began plotting the sequel last summer.  It would take place 40 years later and would centre around Jack Torrence’s little boy Danny who had the supernatural gift called the Shining.

Danny – still scarred from the trauma that his father wreaked at the Overlook Hotel – is an orderly at a hospice for the terminally ill but his real work is to help ease the transition from life to death using his psychic powers.

The prolific author wavered from fully committing to penning the sequel saying “maybe if I keep talking about it, I won’t have to write it.”

— I first spotted this article in The Guardian, which picked it up from the Torontoist, another feather in the cap of this hogtown blog.


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