TAKE 5 NEWS: Let’s talk isotopes Harper & Ignatieff; Pink ceiling 4 corporate queers; Citizens militia forms against Iroquois in Caledonia; Zoomer takeover continues

Quebec National Parliament
My pick of national news for Take 5 this morning on CIUT 89.5 FM.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to quash any possibility of a summer election by meeting with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff today for the first time since January.

On the table: the isotope shortage and unemployment insurance reform – two major sticking points for the Liberals as they decide whether to support the Government’s economic update this Friday.

In Caledonia… a group of citizens are trying to organize an unarmed Caledonia militia to protect themselves against what they say are ongoing affronts to their rights by Six Nations residents who have occupied a tract of land in the region since 2006.

The land is at the centre of an explosive 200-year-old land claim battle.

The Boomer takeover continues with CityTV mogul Moses Znaimer’s $25 million purchase of Vision TV.
Znaimer says he has quote a “little experience in television” and a few ideas for the station, a small collection of multicultural and religious channels skewed to the boomer age bracket.

Cirque du Soleil isn’t just trying to set a world record for stilt walking on its 25th birthday today – its lawyers are also demanding Maclean’s magazine retract and apologize for recent cover story which it claims taints the company’s image.

The cover shows a photo of Cirque performer in a beaded costume with a headline that reads “Sex, Drugs and Acrobats.”
Old Boys Network blocks corporate queers

As thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender Canadians descending on Toronto for PRIDE this week – Xtra is reporting that in the corporate world, discrimination against GBLTs still runs high.

A new report by research firm Catalyst finds queer women are the worst off – their relationships with their managers are worse than those of gay men and heterosexual men and women.

Doing more for the mentally ill while they’re behind bars… Federal Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loane is urging provinces to provide more community services for the mentally ill.  Speaking at an Ottawa conference of correctional and health officials yesterday, Van Loan said poor treatment of the mentally ill is “one of the greatest failings of society today.”

The problem goes back to the 70s and 80s when large mental institutions closed their doors to allow the mentally ill to live in the community, says Van Loan, but the support services they needed never materialized.

Alberta citizens are not so peaceful over nuclear power
After local councilors in Alberta’s Peace region rejected the results of a citizen-driven survey on a new nuclear power plant because the response rate was too low – local residents are going door to door.

Bruce Power wants to build a new nuclear power plant in the Peace region of Alberta – but a survey, mailed to 2,200 citizens in May, shows residents are not on board.  500 returned their forms, and 88 per cent said they do not want nuclear reactors built in the Peace region or anywhere else in Alberta.

Resident Pat McNamara who organized the survey says the door-to-door drive should be wrapped up this week.


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