Despite the headlines that more of us are pinching pennies as the recession picks up speed, I haven’t noticed many of my friends or family changing how much they’re spending.  To find out if the newspaper headlines match what’s really going on, I went to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto to talk to shopppers and artisans.

I rolled the results into my first radio story.  It aired Thursday on Take 5 (CIUT, 89.5 FM).  You can listen to it here:

The sound quality needs help, but it’s a start.

As for my spending patterns?  Despite the downturn, I haven’t cut corners yet, and probably won’t until my own paycheques start diminishing…


This week, for example, I picked up my silent auction prize, got at CANFAR‘s gala (thanks for the free tickets Al), and am now the proud owner of a print by the father of op-art, the king of geometric abstraction, Victor Varasely, (warning, the official website is designed for heavy drug users).

Fun!  But not as much fun as our resident crack bear is having on severe winter storm watch.  My roommate found him next to a dumpster in the Bellwoods.



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