Best winter purchase ever.

winter biking, university of toronto

It’s minus 13 in Toronto and I left my house before light, cycling about 15 minutes to the radio show where I volunteer.  The face-slapping chill provided a caffeine-free wake-up call but the rest of me was warm and toasty.  Mostly thanks to the best winter buy ever — my new Sorels.


Cheesily dubbed Joan of the Arctic by its manufacturer, wearing these puppies is like having space heaters on your feet. Totally waterproof and arguably stylish thanks to the fur trim and higher boot than the traditional Sorels. And if I had bought these prior to 2000, I could have boasted about purchasing a made-in-Canada product, invented by Kitchener boot baron, A.R. Kaufman in 1959.  Now, they’re made by Columbia, likely in one of its “third party” overseas factories, for which it has a code of ethics. And this of course means they’ve got something to hide — although a quick Google search yielded just one article on Columbia’s untoward behaviour from way back in 1996.  Ah well, guilty pleasures and all that.


Another key to winter cycling?  The hat-helmet combo.  It’s a look not everyone can rock, but clearly one some of us can pull off.  I even caught a hot guy staring at me, although that could be because I nearly wiped out when “off roading” it through the Bellwoods…


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