birthday suit – part deux

My friend warned me she thought my new designer dress was a bit over the top for a casual housewarming party – with 70 of our closest friends.  But then, I don’t take her unsolicited advice very often.

 Following on the heels of last year’s vintage wrap dress for my big 3-0, this year was a wrap too, but flea market it wasn’t.  The undisputed first lady of the wrap – Diane von Furstenberg – designed this hot little number:
diane von furstenburg wrap dress, black, sleeveless
Which looks like this on:
diane von furstenburg wrap dress, erin tracy designs jewelry
How can a lowly, unpaid Walrus intern afford such extravagance?  Four words: Holt Renfrew Last Call.  Regular $445, this LBD was marked down to $150 with an extra 50 per cent off.  The deals were so hot, I picked up this maxi dress by L.A.s’ t-bags for $60:
t-bags, jersey dress, maxi holt renfrew last call, vaughan mills
And while Furstenberg isn’t a close, personal friend, I’m blessed to count two young, Toronto designers as my pals, mostly because they’re super awesome, but also because they make me fabulous things.
jessica smith, birthday cake, toronto
Jessica Smith, a French pastry chef, trained at Le Cordon Bleu who spent last year working at Yautcha, Alan Yau’s Michelin-star teahouse and dim sum restaurant in Soho, London – made this cake.  It served 100.
jessica smith, cake, toronto, ontario, party
And Erin Tracy, an established jewelry designer who is taking over the world one bangle at a time, made me the necklace I’m wearing in the top picture, along with matching earrings and Grecian-inspired bangles.
erin tracy, earrings, crystal and silver, toronto, canada

erin tracy, silver and gold bangles, toronto, canada
Armed with designer cake, dress and jewels – there was just one more accessory needed – the perfect stubby holder.
stubby holder, beer holder, beer cooler, grizzly bear
($6 at the Beer Store) grrrr.


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One response to “birthday suit – part deux

  1. I KNEW there was something fantasmic about that dress, other than who was wearing it…

    you must indoctrinate me in the ways of the stylish and thrifty in tronna.

    (great party btw!)

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