It’s not the bra – it’s the wrong cup size dingbat

bras on head

At the mere mention of La Senza, the only affordable, large Canadian bra retailer, my big-busted, credit-card maxing lady friends engage in frowns and fits of tsk tsking  “The fit is all wrong,”  “Their bras make my boobs sag,” And “They’re cheap,” are frequent complaints always followed by “I never shop there.”

Being blessed with big ones and particular tastes means they are constantly searching around the world for the best tit slings on the market.  The latest?  Bravissimo, an online retailer in the UK specializing in D, EE, EEE, and yes even the quads.   I see the logic in paying good coin for the right fit, after all one hot bra = one hot broad.  But this thriftygirl just can’t bring herself to shell out $100 plus for an bra. 

Besides, I’m convinced the biggest boulder in finding a great bra isn’t price but size.  Too many ladies are walking around in the wrong sized bra.  Tit rolls, like muffin tops, are completely unnecessary, as are backaches and red strap marks from hiking your kit up too high.  

I speak from experience.   I unknowingly sported the wrong cup size for years.  I thought I was a 38 (inches around) D (cup size) until a middle aged woman in a Marks & Spencers change room sized up my bra and curtly told me that the cup was cutting into my boobage and began pulling DD 36’s or an E 34’s off the rack.  Clingy tops suddenly looked a whole lot better.

Bra shopping is grim.  It’s just you, a dimly-lit changeroom, a bunch of boring bras that no one – except a lucky few – will ever see.  No point in bringing a girlfriend along.  I guess this is how most men feel when clothes shopping: ‘get ‘er done.’

But knowing my proper size helped me haul in a slew of new, well-fitting braziers at La Senza’s winter clearance.  Now under the ownership of Victoria Secret, it carries copies of the Secret’s most popular bras that could previously only be found stateside.  The standard cotton bras are best avoided.  Go for the technolite line – it sounds deliberately space age but it’s pure feathers and light. 

And with prices reduced by up to 70%, and a further 10% savings if you become a $20 member, the sale was ridiculous.  I came home with six bras for $55.  The regular prices were $25 – $40 each.  It was so cheap, it felt wrong.  And the best part?  I won’t have to venture into a bra shop for another year.



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3 responses to “It’s not the bra – it’s the wrong cup size dingbat

  1. Klaatu

    That is most exciting to know your bra size. You should post a picture of you boobing around in your bra so we can all see your shirt potatoes.

  2. Mel

    I have an awful time with bra shopping too, up until I was 20 I was wearing a 38B. I never really cared about it until my boyfriend kept insisting that I get fitted. What a laugh, I found out I was a 30DD or a 28E! This really sucks because hardly anyone goes down to a 30 and the bigger cup sizes other than Bravissimo, but M&S just started doing them. Fabulous for sales.

  3. Unfortunately most women wear wrong bras, because there is much misinformation about bra-fitting floating in the internet and magazines… I also believed that I am supposed to add 5 cm to my underbust measurements… and all my bras felt so uncomfortable ! Now I know better, and I also noticed that my breast shape has gotten better.
    As for La Senza I must say that the cups are smaller than standard (so I take a bigger size than normally). Also, you need to watch whether the model has narrow or wide underwires.

    A good way of buying quality bras in “unusual sizes” (read: sizes other than 75-85 and A-D), and for a very cheap price is British Ebay.

    You can take a look at this little guide:

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