Engaging cupcakes

fondant flowers
So what was this single gal doing on Saturday night two weeks ago?  Adorned in frilly apron, white flower splashed effortlessly on cheeks, I was peering carefully at Martha’s recipe for classic vanilla cupcakes – the whir of the Kitchen Aid killing all sound from the “fun baking CDs” I’d carefully chosen.  The night before (yes, it was a Friday), I cut over 250 white flowers from fondant (something I’d only discovered existed the day before).
cupcakes, homeade, martha stewart, fondant flowers
When a good university mate asked me to be her bridesmaid earlier this year, I said, “YES! YES! YES! There’ll be an open bar right? Then YES! YES!” Flashes of a glamorous dress and (just to the left of) centre-of-attention were instant – but there was no forewarning flash of myself, knee-dip in cupcake batter on a Saturday night.

Moaning aside, the whole gig was my idea. I wanted to do something to make Shar’s engagement party special.
cupcakes and small cake, engagement party
Engagement parties these days are like wedding warm-ups, complete with open bar, sit-down meal, speeches and even a cake cutting ceremony (!).  I made a small chocolate cake at to serve the purpose.  My weekend sacrifice paid off as camera’s snapped for the night’s big photo op: bride and groom, clasping knife, slice open (beautiful) cake. 


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