The peoples warehouse

It’s a pity I’m leaving so soon because I’ve just discovered Brum’s thriving warehouse district.  Behind the shiny new Millenium Point and Masshouse developments stands the real gem: the as yet un-regenerated Eastside dotted with dilapidated buildings, cheap cafes, dodgy pubs and bargain basement warehouses. 
Latif warehouse Birmingham
My colleague took me to Latif’s one lunch hour.  Just a five minute walk from Aston University, M. Latif and Sons proudly proclaims to be the “Peoples Warehouse.” For Canadian readers, it is Honest Ed’s meets Bargain Harold’s – everything looks a bit naff, but sometimes you stumble upon a treasure.

“We send all the international students here to pick up everything they need to furnish their apartments,” she said excitedly.  And indeed, what student could go without a £0.30 pint glass? 
Pint glass Latifs warehouse
In fact everything from frying pans, to bedding is on offer here, for prices not found anywhere near the high street.  

  Latifs warehouse Birmingham frying pans
My colleague was on the hunt for a duvet cover for her caravan in France, but she didn’t find what she wanted.  And I have enough tat to cart back to Toronto with me, so I resisted the pretty pink slippers (£4.99) and polka dot teapots (£3.99) crying out for a better home.
pink polka dot teapot

beaded slippers
At these prices, Latif’s has something for every thriftygirl or boy.  But get there quick, because Birmingham City Council has pledged to “transform, revitalise and regenerate the neglected areas of Eastside, Digbeth and Deritend.” With nearly £6 billion in investment, it’s the largest urban regeneration projectin the city.  Somehow I doubt the “people’s warehouse” and its motley crew of shoppers from some of the poorest pockets of the city, factor into the new vision for Eastside.

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2 responses to “The peoples warehouse

  1. Nice to hear from a happy customer!

    As a family business we have been seving the midlands for nearly 51 years! Having just opened another store (now 4 in total), we are pleased to say that we have every intention of carrying on with our crazy prices!

    Rest assured the Birmingham store in Digbeth will be relocated in the very near future.

    For customers from further afield we shall also be launching our e-commerce webshop on very soon!

  2. Glad to hear it Mr Latif,

    Your cheap housewares are a staple in many Brummie university student houses. I especially love the slippers, mugs and teapots but you might want to consider ditching the plastic flowers, they should not be allowed in anyone’s home :).

    Keep it up,

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