Charity on your doorstep

After the harrowing car boot sale last week I was still left with piles of crap. 

But every cloud…  and this week it came in the form of junk mail.  Two separate charities – PDSA (vets for pets or some such thing) and Help the Aged – dropped collection bags through my mailbox and it was a godsend.  

One thing to watch for with doorstep collection bags is the small print.  Sometimes private agencies send bags emblazoned with messages like, “Help the needy in Eastern Europe.”  Your clothes will indeed get sent and sold there, but the agency will pocket the profit.  Even the Help the Aged bag had small print that said half the profit will go to the private collection agency which partners with HtA.


But beggers can’t be choosers.  I gave more to PDSA, but I like old people just as much as pets. 

 Now some lucky Brummies will now get to model my old clothes, handbags and leaf through fantastic Canadian novels – that is, if the neighbours don’t pinch them first.

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