A hot cross bun too far


I knew it was time to leave the UK for good when I actually started enjoying hot cross buns.

This weekend I found myself inexplicably buying a whole pack of these sultana-filled Easter “goodies.”

On my first Easter in Birmingham, back in 2005, I was appalled that desserts in England always seemed to contain so many dried fruits and nuts.  You call that a dessert!  Where’s the sugar, chocolate, and fat???

 hot cross bun

But I love traditions – especially those surrounding holidays – and I discovered my father’s credo that butter slathered over cardboard would make it taste good, to be true for hot cross buns as well.

And you have to admit they do look yummy.

hot cross bun with butter

But they’re just not me.  So it’s hot cross buns and a broken relationship (mostly the latter) that will see me buying a one way ticket to Toronto in eight weeks time.

Sadly I’m leaving good friends and Primark behind.  But I’m a broken heart, fond memories and this blog with me.  I hope you will join me on my journey back home.

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