Spring lamb


Ah, the first signs of spring in the English countryside – darling little lambs!

Last weekend I cuddled and bottle-fed some of them just like they were infants – except for one big difference – these little guys are going to the slaughterhouse in about six months.

Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are popular faces for a growing campaign for Brits to make the connection between the food on their plates and the animals in the field.  But with so many ‘animal lovers’ out there, it’s easy to see why many people refuse to think of these fuzzy, wide-eyed little creatures as they slather mint sauce over juicy spring lamb.

Over the last two years I’ve had the pleasure to visit a few farms across the country, as my partner is from an agricultural background and has lots of friends and family still farming.  

I’ve seen first hand that British farmers care deeply for their livestock – whether it be cattle, sheep or dairy cows – and that the animals themselves are healthy and happy. 

Just look at these pictures – is there a more beautiful place in the world to be live your life as a lamb or dairy cow?


We’ve got a whole lamb in our freezer, proudly given to us by my partner’s best friend, who is a talented and dedicated farmer and animal lover.

I have never tasted such delectable cuts of meat.  And it feels right to eat it, knowing it’s from a local producer and seeing the great conditions in which the animal was raised.  

So this spring I encourage you to get out into the countryside, see for yourself what a great job British farmers are doing and buy some choice cuts of lamb from a local butcher – you’ll thank me for it.  

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