Happy feet

I’ve been shocked by the crap curbside recycling schemes in Britain since moving here three years ago.

Despite an EU crackdown on waste disposal, which forced the UK Government to promise to cut the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill by 50 per cent from 1995 levels by 2013, not much has changed in Birmingham.

My street is part of a “pilot” scheme which means I’m lucky enough to have plastics, glass, paper and even green garden waste collected regularly.

But friends who live only a few streets away are forced to lug their plastic waste to our neighborhood so it can be recycled. While this couple are recycling die-hards, I would guess that most of their neighbours do not lovingly stockpile their plastic for weeks in aid of the environment.

Thankfully Birmingham does have a few saving graces. Local supermarkets often have recycling banks for bottles and cans, clothing and even shoes.

Today I dropped two pairs of boots, which I haven’t worn all winter, in the shoe bank. I try to employ the seasonal rule when deciding whether to chuck clothing or shoes: If you’ve worn it at least once this season, you can keep it, if not: DONATE and DECLUTTER.

Plus it felt good to make some space on the crowded shoe rack. The only snag is whether there are any other big-footed women in Britain… I wear a size 10(!)




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2 responses to “Happy feet

  1. Jenn

    It really is sad how little many countries and people for that matter recycle! The Earth can’t take that much more waste! We have a new green bin program starting that will have us recycling-kleenex, food waste (compost and meat stuff), popcorn bags and lots more. It is a great idea however every Tuesday when we put our recycling out, we usually have 3 bins and small bag of garbage, most of our neighbours have the opposite amount!

  2. I would love to know where to take my plastic bottles in Birmingham! I used to live in the centre of town until very recently and there was nowhere to take them – so we stock piled them, not for weeks but for months! Then we would take them to the refuse centre in Oldbury (Sandwell) and pop a couple of hundred plastic bottles in the bank…but when we moved we had quite a few and had no time to take them and had no space for them in the new place, so we had to just chuck them and I felt terrible. I’m just hoping that as they were bagged together, the Biffa people who took the bins from our building did some sort of sorting…i hope…

    I really like your blog, I was given the address by a mutual friend =)

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