love life live lent

Now I’m not a regular church goer – in fact I’m a no-goer – but I do believe in the Christian ethic of giving.

I also love the ‘pay it forward’ and “Join Me” movements which are based on carrying out random acts of kindness for others.

But actually being kind to strangers is strangely difficult in society today.  To help me on my journey I signed up for the Love Life Live Lent campaign – – launched by the Church of England.

Everyday of Lent I get a text that tells me to do one good deed.  Day one was easy, pancake party, I was having one of those anyway!  Day 2 (today) I had to donate some food to the Red Cross, and as the Chaplain of the university that I work at is involved, I can drop it off at his office – no problem! 

So far the Church of England hasn’t requested that I burn any witches or pillage small villages in the name of the Lord, so perhaps it really has modernised.

The campaign is motivating me to be nicer and helping out with the soul-thrifty journey. 

So next time you see a lonely old man on a park bench – don’t keep walking – stop, sit down and give him a bag of peanuts, it’ll be soul-good, trust me!

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