£84.75 from used books!

The Amazon marketplace worked a dream.  Five of the eight books and DVDs I listed sold within 24 hours  – netting me £75.50 after Amazon’s take and the shipping costs.

My only qualm is that Amazon pays out an average shipping cost per book (£2.75), and it’s too low to cover heavy textbooks.  One textbook cost over £7 to ship, so I had to make up the shortfall.   Still, a great place to capitalise – and find a way to reuse – stuff you don’t want.




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2 responses to “£84.75 from used books!

  1. there are many used books sale in our area and i frequently visit them to buy some ”

  2. there are mnay used books online and the price is cheap too but i wonder if the quality of it is good `~,

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