Valentine’s Day on the cheap

Does your bloke claim Valentine’s Day is too commercial?

Join the club.  But even if you’re with a stubborn bugger you can still have a grand – and romantic – day by celebrating things in simplicity and style.  If, like me, you rarely buy posh food and wine, treat yourself and stay in for a lovely, romantic, candlelit dinner.

We’re spending a bit more than usual at the grocery store and preparing a lovely meal with a spectacular bottle of wine (by that I mean one that’s £8 instead of the usual £2.99). 

I don’t usually bother with cards, but the English seem to buy and give cards for any ocassion, so I picked one up for £0.40 when I passed a card store that was shutting down and had slashed their prices by 80 per cent.   The pickings were slim, forcing me to go for a card that said for my fiancé, but I figured if you can’t push him in the right direction on Valentine’s Day, when can you get away with it?  Put it together with the cheeky monkey g-string I picked up at my Ann Summers party last week and you have the perfect gift – all for £7.40!

I know what you’re thinking, I’m much too thoughtful, how can he ever top a g-string monkey pouch that – wait for it – actually makes monkey sounds when you press it?  Oh, don’t worry girls, considering what he bought me last year, I have faith.

 Happy Valentines!



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