Welcome to the thriftygirl blog!

Tonight when I couldn’t bring myself to order Pizza Hut despite being home alone for the weekend, steaming old wallpaper off my walls all day and clutching a 50 per cent off voucher, I knew it was useless.   Thrift is coursing through my veins.  I’d been looking for an excuse to order my favourite takeaway since moving from Canada to the UK over two years ago, but this still didn’t cut it.

Thrift stops me doing anything mildly self-indulgent in life, besides the occasional shopping spree or European ‘mini break’ of course.  But day to day, you won’t meet many as cheap, er, um, I mean thrifty, as me. 

And thrift isn’t a bad word.  It actually comes from THRIVE and means simply to waste less.  It’s something we urgently need to do: squander away less money, natural resources, heartache and dignity by cutting out the malarkey and making smarter choices. 

I’m certainly not perfect in this – or any other – category but I’ve got a few ideas about where to begin.  If you’re interested please check out my blog and join me on my journey to live a cheaper, greener and more soul-isfying life… for those already living the dream, your advice is warmly solicited.


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3 responses to “Welcome to the thriftygirl blog!

  1. Susan Luxmore

    Enjoyed every minute of the thrifty girl and especially like your photo. Looking forward to hearing more!|

  2. Stephanie Fennell

    Crystal, fully enjoyed reading Thrifty girl….I had a few chuckles and could hear you narrating all your tales…well done, and looking forward to more tales. Hope all is well!

  3. Cher Adamson

    Calling all spendthrifts…

    Are you a fantastic scrimper?

    Do you have top tips on how to save money?

    Could you help reckless spenders change their habits?

    If any of these sounds like you, or someone you know, get in touch.

    A new series is being developed for Channel 4 that celebrates the nation’s scrimpers.

    So, if you are over 18, this is the show about smart spending and how to manage your money and still have a life – despite the credit crunch!

    To apply to take part, email money@endemoluk.com

    Remarkable will use any information provided by you for the purposes of selecting participants for the programme and will only share information with Channel 4 and any independent contractors involved in the programme.

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